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These Crystal Symona earrings pack in enough magic to convince you that wishes can come true and your heart’s desire will be yours for the taking. The glamorous rhodium plated earrings, in a smoothly flowing sensuous heart shape, are accentuated with clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for a brilliant and dazzling look.

The earrings, which measure 1.4 x 2 cm, also have Rose, Sapphire and Tanzanite colour choices. If you really want to play with some-one’s heart, add the matching necklace, ring or bracelet to your collection for a total look which will be hard to ignore.

These Rose Symona earrings come with enough magic packed in to believe that all your wishes could come true. The heart shaped, rhodium plated earrings, with their sensual lines and curves are glamour and femininity itself, each accentuated with playfully romantic pink SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, sure to dazzle with their brilliance.

Measuring 1.4 x 2 cm, you can also choose from Crystal, Sapphire and Tanzanite colour options. If you really want to tug at some-one’s heart strings then emphasise your look with the matching necklace, ring and bracelet which are available.

Wishes really could come true if the instant magic created by these Sapphire Symona earrings is anything to go by. Sensual curves and flowing lines trace out a heart, set with beautifully contrasting pale and darker toned blue SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS full of dazzle and shine.

Other colour options possible for these 1.4 x 2 cm earrings are Crystal, Rose and Tanzanite, all of which are rhodium plated.
Consider adding the matching necklace, bracelet or ring for a look sure to play with some-one’s heart.

Close your eyes and make a wish – it is just possible that the magic packed into these Tanzanite Symona earrings will see it coming true. Tracing out a heart with sensuous curves and feminine lines, these rhodium plated earrings are set with opulent purple toned SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS complete with plenty of dazzling brilliance.

Also available in Crystal, Rose and Sapphire, these earrings measure 1.4 x 2 cm. There is also a matching necklace, bracelet and ring which you might want to consider adding to create extra magic.

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