Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Sparkling Swarovski Necklaces & Jewelry

Swarovski crystals are recognized world-wide as the highest quality premium crystals. Each Swarovski crystal is meticulously cut by precision machine and inspected by hand for the utmost sparkle and quality.

Lush Addiction is passionate about creating beautiful pieces for women across the world. They create stunning, affordable Swarovski crystal pieces to celebrate self-worth and love. Their mission: to beautify women from the outside in.

Lush Addiction: Wearable Love

Today, Lush Addiction’s uniquely intricate designs are found throughout many of Singapore’s iconic tourist attractions like the Botanical Gardens, Changi Airport, and Gardens by the Bay.

The founder states, “From An Early Age, I Noticed People’s Jewelry And How It Did Or Didn’t Flatter Them. Many Times, It Seemed They Weren’t Taking Into Account The Shape Of The Face Or Body, Or The Color Of The Skin And Hair. When I Create Pieces, I Do It For The Whole Person, Including Their Personality.”

Intricate Crystal Necklace Designs

Learn about a few of Lush Addiction’s most sought-after designs, from delicate crystal necklaces to simply stunning pendants.

The Coralyne Necklace – Detailed with light and dark blue crystals, this swirling piece boasts intricate star and pearl accents.

The Jocelyn Necklace – Sweet and simple, this Swarovski necklace is rhodium plated and features a delicate bow studded with clear crystals.

swarovski crystal necklace lush addition singapore

Valora Pendant

Valora Pendant – With its balanced sweeping curves, the Crystal Valora pendant is as much work of art as it is personal adornment. Its perfect aesthetics, decorated with clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, are designed to draw the eye and are sure to make you the center of attention.

Cate Pendant – An absolutely gorgeous pendant that compliments a casual and formal dress with equal panache, the Cate is a thing of beauty. Handcrafted to perfection and studded with delightful SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the Cate is the perfect accessory to compliment your evening wear.

Hand-Polished Swarovski Crystals with a Lifetime Warranty

Every original creation of Lush Addiction jewelry piece is covered with an international warranty policy. Each piece undergoes intensive quality control to ensure beautiful detailing, but should you find a defect or problem, Lush Addiction will replace the item. They also guarantee a crystal replacement should one fall or become lost.

Each Swarovski crystal is set by hand for a painstakingly perfect fit, and each complete accessory is nickel-free and lead-free. Pure rhodium is used for plating to prevent tarnishing and increase brilliance for a truly unique necklace, bracelet, or earring set that will last you a lifetime.

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