Choosing The Right Swarovski Necklace For Your Neckline

How many hours do you spend fussing over an outfit trying to find the perfect touch? Complimenting an outfit has always been a major issue for many women. An addition of simple details is all you need to compliment your attire. A Swarovski necklace is the simplest and most elegant way to complete your overall outfit.

With weddings, graduations, engagement parties, and anniversaries around the corner, Lush Addiction has the best guide on how to choose the right Swarovski necklace for your neckline.

Before we dig into the guide, why should you own a Swarovski necklace? Over the years, Swarovski necklaces have proven to stand the test of time. These necklaces are made with the world’s best crystals with at least 12 facets for maximum sparkle.

The guide below shows you how to choose the right Swarovski necklace for your neckline. Check it out.

Necklaces for Strapless or Tube Top DressesKristi Swarovski Crystal Necklace Pendant Choker

Strapless dresses highlight your neck and collarbone. They are dramatic in their nature. When it comes to choosing a necklace, you want to choose a piece that magnifies the drama of your outfit. Your necklace’s purpose is to provide a focal point that streamlines your entire outfit.

The Kristi choker necklace fits perfectly with strapless outfits. The good thing about these necklaces is that they perfectly frame your face without taking too much attention from your outfit.

Multi-Style Swarovski Crystal Long NecklaceV-Neck Tops

If you choose to rock with a V-neck outfit, you will be pleased to know that these tops can go with different necklaces. While most women opt for long ear rings and a collar necklace, we advise you to go for long necklaces such as this multi-style long necklace. For those of us who like blending, you can add a simple combination of a choker and a necklace.

As a matter of fact, any layered necklace will do the job. The carefully layered strands will fill up the empty space left by the V-top Neckline without taking up the whole area.

Any long necklace matched with a V-top outfit will give a leaner look that will lengthen your torso, making you appear taller.

Orthogonal Swarovski Crystal Necklace Choker
The Square Neckline

Because of its shape, the square neckline can be hard to accessorize. However, there are a few options that you can apply to rock in a square neckline.

The Orthogonal choker necklace can always work out with a square neckline. If you would like to style your outfit, you can use an angular necklace. A short-layered necklace can be a good replacement. Its layers would fit on the open space and compliment the outfit gracefully.

With these three necklines, you will now be spending half the time you spend in your dressing room.

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