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Have your own personal angel protection all the time with the exquisite beauty of the pure Rhodium plated Angel necklace. The necklace features a gracefully formed heart through which the chain of your necklace falls naturally to finish in an angelic wing. The harmony and flow of the piece is enhanced with Crystal glinting SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to ensure you make an impact.

Angel lovers who want a little more colour in their life also have a choice of Rose and Tanzanite for this necklace which measures 2.1 cm x 4.8 cm. The chain length is 44 cm. For enhanced heavenly impact consider the matching earrings.

Take a piece of angel protection with you wherever you go with the exquisite beauty of the Rose Angel necklace with pure Rhodium plating. Featuring a gracefully formed heart which allows the chain to pass through in a natural flow, the necklace is finished in the sweeping curves of an angels’ wing. The harmony of the piece is set off with warm and soft pink SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS which will be sure to make an impact.

Angel lovers will be spoiled for choice with the alternative colour options of Crystal and Tanzanite for this 2.1 cm x 4.8 cm necklace on a 44 cm chain. To enhance your heavenly Angel collection, consider the matching earrings.

Keep a piece of angelic protection with you all the time when you wear the exquisitely beautiful pure Rhodium plated Tanzanite Angel necklace. The chain of your necklace passes naturally through the graceful heart which then finishes with an angel’s wing of sweeping curves. The perfect harmonious flow of the piece is offset with resplendent purple SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS blending gradually from palest mauve to vibrant violet.

There are also the colour options of Crystal and Rose for this 2.1 x 4.8 cm necklace and angel lovers can enhance their heavenly collection with the matching earrings which are available. The necklace’s chain measures 44 cm.

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