Birthstone Solitaire Hook Earrings ( In 12 Colours )



Solitaire Hook Earrings has a precious birthstone to represent every birthday month, with crystals sourced from Swarovski. Featuring a classic hook earring design that draws all attention to and makes your birthstones stand out, this makes the most meaningful and timeless gift for yourself, or your loved ones. See also our Birthstone Solitaire Pendant and Birthstone Solitaire Earrings.



The Birthstone Solitaire Earrings series are 0.7 cm in diameter and come in 12 shades, each representing a classic birthstone. The solitaire crystal is set elegantly against a rhodium plated hook.

01 January (Garnet)
Faithfulness and eternity are the attributes of January births and their classic stone, the Garnet.

02 February (Amethyst)
Amethyst represents courage and inner strength for those born in February.

03 March (Aquamarine)
Happiness and friendship are the key attributes of the shining light blue birthstone Aquamarine of March.

04 April (Crystal)
Sparkling clear Crystal represents eternity and love, and is a classic stone for April birthdays.

05 May (Emerald)
A rich, deep Emerald, the birthstone for May, is symbolic of success and fertility.

06 June ( Light Amethyst)
For those born in June, Light Amethyst is a classic birthstone representing balance and joy.

07 July (Ruby)
The heat of July is captured in its Ruby-red birthstone, representing integrity and confidence.

08 August (Peridot)
Bring success and good fortune into your life by wearing Peridot, the birthstone of August.

09 September (Sapphire)
As blue as the sea, September’s birthstone Sapphire is a symbol of deep loyalty, fidelity, and truth.

10 October (Rose)
The Birthstone pendant in Rose represent balance and endurance, classic qualities for an October birth.

11 November (Topaz)
November’s birthstone is Topaz, an orange crystal that glitters like the falling leaves of the season. Celebrate the wisdom and strength classically associated with November.

12 December (Light Sapphire)
The classic blue birthstones of December promise prosperity, peace, and tranquility. Celebrate your birth in this winter month with a piece of Light Sapphire pendant.

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