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Sometimes less can be more – the greatest impact created with the most subtle elegance. This is definitely true with this pure rhodium plated Crystal Cherelle necklace which features two delicately interlaced hearts showing romance is alive and well. 
Part of the Lush Reverso Collection, this necklace can be worn with either side showing for an instant change of look. One side is set with resplendent Crystal SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS while the other is painted enamel.

The necklace, which measures 1.4 x 5.8 cm, also comes in Fuchsia, Capri Blue and Tanzanite colour options and has a 40 cm chain which can be worn 5 cm longer with the chain extension.

There are also matching earrings available to complete your look.

Often the greatest impact is created with an elegant less-is-more look. This will definitely be the case when you wear this Fuchsia Cherelle necklace which features a pair of delicately interlocked hearts to show romance is very much alive. 

The necklace is part of the Lush Reverso Collection which means it can be worn in two different ways. Set on one side with pastel rose toned pink SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, this pure rhodium plated necklace also has a larger single, rich toned element which work together in perfect harmony. By simply turning it around you have a painted enamel necklace instead.

The necklace measures 1.4 x 5.8 cm with a 40 cm chain which can also be worn longer with the 5 cm extension. Other colour choices are Crystal, Capri Blue and Tanzanite and for a total look there are also matching earrings available.

(Capri Blue)
We all know that sometimes less is more when you want to create the ultimate impact and this will certainly be true when you put on this Capri Blue Cherelle necklace featuring two romantically interlaced hearts. As part of the Lush Reverso Collection, this pure rhodium plated necklace gives you the choice of two separate looks. It is set on one side with a single vibrant blue and several smaller softer toned blue SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. With a simple flip the necklace features a blue enamel look instead.

Measuring 1.4 x 5.8 cm, the necklace is presented on a 40 cm chain with 5 cm extension possible and is also available in Crystal, Fuchsia and Tanzanite.

To complete your look pick up the matching earrings available.

A look of subtle elegance can often be achieved most easily with a less-is-more approach and this is certainly the case with the pure rhodium plated Tanzanite Cherelle necklace which features a pair of romantically interlocked hearts. 

The necklace is part of the Lush Reverso collection so can be worn either way. One side is set with a single midnight blue and several smaller gentler toned lilac SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS which all blend and harmonise with each other perfectly. The reverse side gives you a painted enamel alternative.

The necklace, which also comes in Crystal, Fuchsia and Capri Blue tones, measures 1.4 x 5.8 cm on a 40 cm chain with 5 cm extension.
Consider grabbing yourself the matching earrings for even more impact.

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