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Part of the LUSH Reverso collection, this pillar shaped, oblong form men’s pendant has one side showing a lustrous SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in subtle crystal mounted on black enamel while the other side, also enamel, is painted in a handsome geometrical design of black and white. The Coulson pure Rhodium plated pendant measures 0.6 x 3.9 cm which comes with a 5 cm extendable chain of 50 cm.
The range’s other colour options are Sapphire and Smoked Topaz.

This men’s Coulson pendant, part of the LUSH Reverso collection, comes in an oblong pillar shape with one side showing a black enamel base studded with a subtle sapphire SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. If you fancy a change then just turn the pendant around to show off a handsome geometric design of azure and deep toned blue painted on enamel. The pure Rhodium plated Coulson pendant measures 0.6 x 3.9 cm and has 50 cm chain which can be worn longer by using the 5 cm extension.
The range’s other colour options are Crystal and Smoked Topaz.

(Smoked Topaz)
Part of the LUSH Reverso collection, the oblong pillar shape of this men’s pendant is designed so that it can be worn on both side. One side has a classic black enamel design with the masculine dusky tones of a Smoked Topaz SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to complete the look. Turn it around to show off the handsome brown and cream painted enamel geometric design featured on the reverse. The Coulson pendant, which is pure Rhodium plated, measures 0.6 x 3.9 cm. Wear it on its 50 cm chain or let it fall a little lower with the 5 cm extension.
Other colour options in this range are Crystal and Sapphire.

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