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You will be elegance personified with these teardrop shaped clip earrings hanging in all their sparkling glory from your ears. Each Opale earring features a smooth pendant part topped with glittering SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in Crystal colour. To ensure you stay comfortable as well as soak up the admiration of all who see you the earrings have padded cushions in white.

Also available in Rose, Tanzanite and Jet, the exquisite Opale earrings measure 0.9 x 2.5 cm.

Elegance is inevitable when you wear these clip design teardrop shaped earrings which will dangle from your ears in sparkling splendour. The earrings are made up of a smooth pastel toned pendant piece set off with deeper toned glittering SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in Rose colour. The earrings have padded white cushions so you can be sure you will be as comfortable as you are admired.

The Opale earrings measure 0.9 x 2.5 cm and also come in a choice of Crystal, Tanzanite and Jet.

You will be elegance itself when wearing these teardrop form earrings which will give your ears plenty of glorious sparkle. The lower part exhibits a smooth faced and richly toned piece which is topped with dazzling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in Tanzanite colour intended to catch the light beautifully with their complimenting lighter tones. The padded white cushions of the earrings will ensure your comfort at the same time as making an inevitable impact.

Measuring 0.9 x 2.5 cm the earrings are also available in Crystal, Rose and Jet

Sophisticated elegance is the definite order of the day when you clip on these drop earrings which are certain to embellish your ears with glorious sparkle. The upper part features classic SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in jet colour with contrasting clear pieces for timeless radiance while the lower teardrop shaped part is smooth faced. The earrings come with padded white cushions so you can stay comfortable while being admired.

The Opale earrings are 0.9 x 2.5 cm with alternative colour options of Crystal, Rose and Tanzanite.

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