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Inspired by man and made especially for the fashion savvy woman in you. Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS , these luscious earrings feature a dazzling clear crystal gem as the exhilarating introduction to the main event: a sleek, open butterfly outline. At 1.3 x 2.6 cm, the luxuriously rhodium plated wings of the butterfly seem to flutter with joy within this silky Parvana motif. These earrings are also made in tanzanite and rose and come with matching bracelet, ring and necklace. 

Need a bit of change in your wardrobe? These enticing butterfly stencil earrings will set your ensemble on a new path to greatness. Plated with pure rhodium, these 1.3 x 2.6 cm Parvana earrings are a glistening rendition of a butterfly, carefully outlined and then arranged on a solid, rose hued backdrop. Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the rose color blushes through along these flirty accessories. Go ahead and treat yourself to this mesmerizing jewelry transformation. Complete your set with the matching necklace, ring and bracelet or the crystal and tanzanite earring color options. 

For all your style moods, these intriguing Parvana butterfly earrings are the ideal blend of modern, playful, meaningful and chic. Inspired by a butterfly’s strength to preserver and adapt, intricate wings are stenciled out of genuine rhodium plating. Behind the outline lies an illuminating violet tanzanite backdrop that’s adorned with a single crystal made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS . Measuring 1.3 x 2.6 cm, these startling hook earrings are a perfect frame to the main event: you! Don’t forget to transform your look with the crystal and rose color choices.

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