Swarovski Crystals

Hand polished crystals, plucked just for you by our founder

Gleam, Class, & the Quality you demand

Co-Branding Partner of Swarovski

Lush Addiction is an authorized Co-Branding Partner of Swarovski. We use only SWAROVSKI® Crystals with at least 12 facets for maximum sparkle. We mostly use 14-facet ‘Xilion’ Swarovski rhinestones which allows more light to refract. Inferior crystal jewelry suppliers regularly offer no more than 8 facets, which results in jewelry with less brilliance. This shows our commitment in total quality and design aspiration.

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Quality Control at Every Stage

A thorough quality check is conducted at the end of every stage of our jewelry-making process, ensuring that our customers will receive only the best from us.

Each SWAROVSKI® Crystal Stone is Set by Hand

Each Swarovski crystal rhinestone is painstakingly set by hand for a perfect fit. Cheap jewelry often has the stones just ‘sitting’ or floating on top of the holes.

Only Pure Rhodium is Used

Pure rhodium is the same material used to plate white gold products to prevent tarnishing as well as to produce a brilliant whiteness. It is much more expensive than silver, which easily oxidises and becomes yellow and dull. Some manufacturers claim to use pure rhodium, but they actually mix in nickel and palladium in order to keep costs low. Nickel can cause skin allergies such as rash. Our jewelry is nickel and lead-free and complies with European standards.


Hand-Polishing and Electro Flash Plating

Production methods and materials are similar to those employed for precious jewelry. For instance, after casting the metal parts of the jewelry, the metal items are hand polished to ensure that the surface is free from any imperfections. They are then electro flash plated with either pure rhodium or gold plating, in accordance with international standards.

Fully-Computerised Plating With Cleaning

To obtain a standardised finish of the highest quality, we use a fully-computerised plating system. To keep the plating solution pure, regular ultrasonic cleaning is carried out between each plating batch.

Strong and Superior Metal

For the metal parts of the jewelry, companies producing cheap jewelry may use tin, which has poor finish and break easily.

We cast our main metal pieces out of zinc alloy, which is light, stronger and environment-friendly. Small parts may also be made of copper, which is much stronger than inferior materials like tin.

Hand-Drilling of Holes for a Perfect Fit

Before the Swarovski crystals are set into place, we hand-drill holes corresponding to the size of the crystal rhinestone which will be used. This ensures a perfect fit. Inferior jewelry will have gaps between the holes and the stones, resulting in the crystals falling out over time.