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      Certification of Authenticity 

      All jewellery from Lush Addiction is 100% embellished with authentic Swarovski® Crystals. See the close-up of our Certification here.


      The Brilliance of Swarovski® Crystals

      Established in 1895, Swarovski is undoubtedly still the maker of the most brilliant man-made crystals till today. Using patented precision cutting technology, every Swarovski® Crystal has higher refraction index than real crystals, creating a brilliant shine close to the shine of diamonds. Jewellery fashioned from Swarovski® Crystals have a brilliant sparkle that truly makes every woman shine. 


      How to Tell the Authenticity of Your Jewellery  

      Real Swarovski® Crystals have the following qualities:

      • They are 100% identical in size & cut
      • They have absolutely no bubbles, scratches or oily sheen on their surface 
      • They have exactly 14 facets that line up perfectly and only point upwards
      • They have a shine close to diamonds
      • Ideally, they come from a brand with a Swarovski Certification of Authenticity 

      Experience the brilliance of authentic Swarovski® Crystal Jewellery today!