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      What does Hypoallergenic mean? 

      Many jewellery brands claim to offer hypoallergenic jewellery but what does that really mean? At Lush Addiction, when we say hypoallergenic it means there is no chance of skin allergies or irritation when wearing our jewellery. This is because of 3 unique guarantees from us to you. Read on to learn more. 

      100% Lead & Nickel Free

      Lead & nickel in jewellery are the main causes of skin irritation, rash and allergies. We make sure our jewellery is 100% lead and nickel free through:

      • Upholding stringent standards when selecting suppliers & factories
      • Making sure our entire supply chain is free from these harmful metals
      • Undergoing testing to comply with European safety standards. Our jewellery is certified to meet these EU standards: REACH Regulation for Restricted Chemicals & the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD). 

      Proprietary Triple Plating Process 

      Most fashion jewellery have a thin layer of metal plated over brass or silver to give it its final colour. This thin metal layer wears off easily, exposing the inner metal to sweat, skin oils & perfumes. Jewellery turns "green" and stains the skin. This is potentially toxic and ruins the jewellery.

      At Lush Addiction, all our jewellery undergoes a proprietary triple plating process to make them tarnish resistant and safe for use under all conditions:

      • 1st layer: Copper as the first protection coating
      • 2nd layer: Palladium for its corrosion-resistant properties
      • 3rd top layer: 18K Gold / Rose Gold / Pure Rhodium for a smooth and shiny finish 

      This triple protection is what makes our jewellery safe and beautiful for a long time.  

      Pure Titanium Posts

      We use titanium posts for all our earrings instead of surgical steel like most other jewellery brands. Surgical steel contains trace amounts of nickel which might cause skin allergies. 

      90 Day Returns 

      In the unlikely chance that our jewellery causes any kind of irritation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will do all we can to investigate the issue and replace your jewellery.