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      Jewellery Care Tips - Lush Addiction


      Lush Addiction jewellery is designed and created with passion for detail and quality. Every item is imbued with the culture and history behind the materials and the people who craft the pieces. It is with pride that each creation is lovingly finished by hand.

      The "How To"

      To keep enjoying your Lush Addiction pieces for years ahead, some care is required. The lifespan of your jewellery depends on how well you handle and care for it.

      Here Are Some Tips:

      1. All plated products are subject to wear and tear, and the plating may eventually lose its original shine. Damaging factors include water, perspiration, cosmetics, perfume, the wearer’s skin chemistry and even chemicals and gasses in the air.

      2. Avoid wearing your jewellery while exercising, bathing, soaking or sleeping.

      3. Polish your crystal jewellery regularly with a soft, non-abrasive cleaning cloth. It is easier to remove tarnish when it first appears. Avoid letting it build up.

      4. Dirt and dust from normal wear can be cleaned off with lukewarm, even mildly soapy water, and a soft cloth.

      5. Never use a dip or any cleaning solution which requires immersing your Lush Addiction jewellery in the liquid.

      6. Never immerse your crystal jewellery in water, as this can loosen the settings and cause other damage to the jewellery.

      7. Never immerse your crystal jewellery in chlorine, salt water, mineral springs, and suntan lotion. Avoid contact with household cleaners; some contain chlorine bleach, which will cause discoloration and also loosen the gemstones.

      8. Never use an ultrasonic cleaner, ammonia, or any chemical solution or abrasive cleaner to clean your jewellery. Being porous, crystal gemstones may absorb chemicals, which build up inside and cause discoloration. Chemicals can also be corrosive.

      9. Heat and UV rays can destabilize some colors, so avoid leaving your jewellery exposed to sunlight and heat for long periods of time. The heat and moisture from saunas and steam baths can also be damaging.

      10. In storage, never jumble several pieces of jewellery together. Protect your jewellery from rifts, scratches, chinks, cracks and other damage by keeping the jewellery separated when stored. Use tissue paper, a soft cloth or individual pouches to separate your jewellery, especially when traveling. Jewellery should ideally be stored in individual zipper plastic bags to avoid oxidization.

      11. Cool, dry places are what we recommend for jewellery storage.